5 WordPress Plugins to Increase Your Social Media Presence

Social Media with Wordpress

Social media is an aspect of marketing that was once scoffed at – now it has slowly become a requirement for many search engines. if you want to be seen as an authoritative figure in the blogosphere. Integrating social media bookmarking and sharing buttons will allow your readers, clients, and customers to quickly share your posts on their favorite social media networking site.
Not many people are cognizant enough to highlight your blog post’s URL and share it on the internet. These plugins will simplify the process by making it easier for your readers to expose your posts to like-minded people.
Before we dive in, consider this; WordPress is a highly stable platform. Shutdowns are rare, blackouts don’t happen, and loading times are responsive all across the board. However, installing several plug-ins onto one web page can potentially cause loading, coding, or metadata problems that can render your site useless.
It is best to use highly specialized plug-ins or use one plugin that will manage major platforms. At a minimum, you should have plug-ins that enable Facebook likes, shares, Google plus likes, Twitter and Pinterest buttons on every blog posts.
The type of plug-ins that you install onto your website depends on your marketing efforts and main objectives.

Remember: Less Is More When It Comes to Social Media Plugins


This Plug-In Is by Elegant Themes, a major distributor of plugins and WordPress themes. Monarch not only enable share buttons on your website, but they allow A/B testing so that you will know what sort of color scheme or placement works best for your target market.


Jet Pack

Jet Pack is one of the more popular plugins on WordPress, and for good reason. It has several helpful features, including social media sharing buttons. Jet Pack comes with the WordPress platform.


Social Warfare

Social Warfare adds aesthetically pleasing buttons to your blog that will give you massive boosts in social shares. One of the unique aspect of Social Warfare is that you can upload specific images and descriptions tied to your Pinterest account. Even though Pinterest is a highly valuable source of targeted traffic, when visitors hit the “Pin” button, images tend to be the wrong size.
This can potentially turn off your readers. With Social Warfare you can upload and create unique images and allocate them to your specific posts. It won’t interfere with other plugins or image-focused apps.
Social Warfare is truly an immersive and complete program for all WordPress bloggers. Social Warfare allows you to connect with almost all popular social media networks, utilize eye-catching themes, as well as the ability to track social shares with a tracking code.


SumoMe support major blogging platforms, but they have a specific plugin that supports WordPress websites. Image Sharer adds a button over the top of your images to encourage sharing on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, with the plugin shortening your URL’s for sharing. You can also disable or enable the plug-in in specific pages.


Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress

can easily be heralded as the most feature packed plugin that will cater to anyone who is interesting in growing their social media presence. There are a slew of customization options and designs that will not only put a spotlight on your blog posts, will also make your content more interactive to your readers.

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