Why WordPress Care Plans are Critical for your Business

WordPress is a content management system that has stolen the scene and dominated the industry for many years. Rivaled by few, Joomla and Drupal are the only content management systems that come close to the user-base of WordPress but both fall significantly short. If you are launching a web development project, WordPress can give you the power, functionality, features and the extendibility that you are looking for in a CMS.


Through themes and plugins, the content management system can be greatly extended into virtually anything the user is looking for. Today, there are plugins to transform WordPress into a full-fledged shopping cart, membership system, social network and more. Most themes and plugins are free but premium versions are often offered by paid developers and sold separately.


What is a WordPress Care Plan?

A WordPress care plan is designed to keep your website updated and regularly maintained. Without logging into the WordPress back-end administration dashboard regularly, you would be unable to keep WordPress up-to-date. It usually takes manual action by the webmaster to do this, unless the website is being maintained with a WordPress care plan.


WordPress care plans generally cover the following:

–  Backing up your WordPress website’s files and database

–  Automatic updates to the core files of your WordPress install

–  Automatic updates to your WordPress themes in case that they are not premium ones, Premium Themes should be updated from the vendor himself.

–  Automatic updates to your WordPress plugins

–  Continuous virus & malware scanning using Sucuri

These are things that business owners or webmasters could potentially accomplish on their own but failing to backup WordPress and keep the core files, themes and plugins up to date can create security vulnerabilities, website errors, compatibility issues and malfunctions. The automatic updating process that a care package provides serves as peace of mind, offering reassurance that these maintenance needs are handled promptly and professionally by a dedicated company. Below, you will find these services explained in more detail.


WordPress Backups

Computers are subject to malfunctions and this can happen at any time. If a hard drive for your web host fails, that means all files and data could potentially be lost. Rather than worrying, WordPress backups provide a safety net by regularly backing up all files and data associated with your website. Should there be any type of loss, you can rest assured that your WordPress care package will have a backup ready to take its place.


WordPress Core Updates

WordPress is regularly updated by the WordPress core developers. When these updates are released, these are called the “core” updates for the WordPress CMS. It is important to update promptly as core updates can include security vulnerabilities or plugin compatibility fixes. With a WordPress care package, core updates are handled as soon as an update is released and a full check is done to make sure that the site has no extra issues.


WordPress Theme Updates

If you are using a theme from WordPress.org, it will be updated automatically when subscribed to a WordPress care plan. Theme updates can fix display issues, browser compatibility issues and much more.


WordPress Plugin Updates

At the very least, you will be using more than 4 plugins. These are the plugins that are considered essential to a WordPress website such as an SEO plugin, caching, a plugin for creating forms and possibly a security plugin, and if you have a shop then most probably you will be using woocommerce. These plugins need to stay up to date and your WordPress care plan will ensure they do. Plugins that are outdated and not updated on-time can cause issues because of compatibility issues with your WordPress core files or theme files.


Virus Scanning with Sucuri

Sucuri offers many levels of protection to a WordPress website. It keeps your site safe and secure by protecting it from malware and viruses, while also offering tools for scanning the site for new potential threats. The software advertises that it does all of the following:

–  Security Analysis

–  Malware Cleanup

–  Malware Scans and Detection

–  Website Blacklist Removal and Repair

–  Repair Dirty Blackhat SEO

–  Security Monitoring

–  DDoS Mitigation

–  Stop Website Attacks/Hacks

–  Malware Prevention

–  Immediate Response

–  Performance Optimization


A great resource to learn more about securing your WordPress website is this article which takes you on a step by step guide and tips to enhance your website security.

If you would like to let a professional take care of your website and take all the required precautions to make sure that it never breaks down while you focus on getting more sales to your business, purchase our WordPress Care Plans

If you would like to learn more or speak with an expert please contact us at your earliest convenience.


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