Turning the Idea into Reality

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When we took the decision to launch our own blog, we kept on thinking about the first blog article that we should post. We wanted it to be special. And that’s when we realized that there’s nothing better than writing about our Creiden. The journey that you mainly passed by, or willing to pass by soon. We all come up with ideas that could be a very successful, future business, so we would like to share with you how we turned our business idea into reality.


It all started with a dream of building a company that adds value to the global community. We wanted to use our technical skills in providing valuable web services and products that we, as many other creative minds in Egypt, have the talent to produce and invent. Putting our local community in consideration, we built a vision that aimed utilizing the great talents existing in our country to produce high quality, creative products, while providing these personas a good career path.


This was our basic target, but reaching it was as hard as playing Flappy bird. The idea of the business was the only capital to start with. We had no money to launch, buy tools, or even pay employees, so our only chance was to build the business with zero cost. That’s exactly when we decided to start with freelancing to gain good capital that will fund our other products, so we started at Odesk.


Odesk was a great experience, and this can’t be denied, but we were anxious for more to learn. Our main target wasn’t providing only products, but providing valuable ones as well, so it was quite logic to shift to Themeforest as in this online market place, items are not just items being published for sale. They are products that need continuous support and upgrades to match new technologies. This was a challenging opportunity for us to improve our product management skills and serve value with service.


And we did it. We took the challenge and jumped into higher level of delivery that was quite a shift for us. In other words, Themeforest has been one of the greatest decisions we ever took as it brought us many partnerships and clients without even seeking them, motivating us to expand into website building; the second step in Creiden’s path.


A great company is never built without a great team, and that was the best thing we’ve been blessed with. Since the beginning, Creiden enjoyed a unique team that added uniqueness to its identity. They add a delightful atmosphere to the work place, which makes space for creative outcomes. Even in the most stressed times of delivering projects, working on themes or facing some technical issues, our team finds a way to break through all of this and come out with the best in them.


Now, Creiden is a web design and development company that crafts for you, whoever you are, the best web solutions, and we still publish the most customized, creative themes on Themeforest, having a target that soon enough we’ll be one of the top authors there.


That’s not the end of it. We still have a lot that we didn’t give yet. We are moving with cautions towards our major target, with a belief that one day Creiden will be a large corporate that provides many services in many fields. A company that great minds dream to be a part of, and a successful example of a dream accomplished, only by the effort and insistence of an excellent team.

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