Happy Unwrappy One Page Website

The Brief

Happy Unwrappy is an out-of-the-box application that introduces a new solution to a common problem that we all have, which is Unwanted Gifts. Happy Unwrappy organizes this matter by allowing users to have profiles with preferred items and favorites and also suggesting where to buy the items.


The Approach

During the discovery project, we settled on building a one page website for the application which will contain all what’s needed for this project in a trendy and eye-catching design. And we also kept in mind encouraging the visitors to download the application.

Home page of Atlas Farm's website

The Brief

Atlas Farms is a project owned by Atlas Egypt Company. The project is a huge piece of land that is divided into sections and has many features like security, solar systems, place to raise animals and chickens, etc. The main aim was to brand Atlas Farms and let the visitor know those features in a neat and attractive way.


Our Approach

The beginning was to suggest the website to be a single-page website instead of multi-page. It was un-necessary to distribute the important content into some internal pages while the main aim was to promote and attract the visitor. Then, we thought of an attractive way to show all the farm features. We came across a plugin that implements the following perspective map:



The Result

The client was satisfied by the result we reached. Website visitors finally found what they need in brief within the home page.