KASH Enterprise

KASH Enterprise, one of the leading enterprises in healthcare and risks management in the Middle East. 

Here are a few of the most powerful features we were able to develop:

  • The e-learning platform and developing its concept. 
  • Integrating with Zoom to host all the live meetings and courses.
  • Integrating with Accept as a payment gateway for the courses. 

KASH’s owner came to us with his e-learning platform business idea and we began with validating his business idea by assessing how important it was to provide the project’s features business wise and development wise, then we proceeded to designing his website, which then lead us to the development stage, where all the magic happens and we started building his envisioned e-learning platform, we then proceeded to the testing phase to clear the website for launching.

Launching the website was a success and the owner solicited our marketing services to raise awareness and gather leads for his courses, which we were able to do and exceed the expectations in.

But our services don’t stop there as we also provide around the clock maintenance and updates to his online business so that it keeps on running smoothly without any costly glitches.

Do you have an online business idea and need a consultation from one of us? send us an email at info@creiden.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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