How to elevate your business with your website?

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No matter what your company does, you know that your business needs a website, there’s no debate here, but as a business owner, here are 7 things you should use to make use of your website.


1. Tell the world what you have to offer

Don’t make people wait for the information. Consider that you have 3 seconds to sell your business, what would you say about it in those precious seconds? State your selling point very clear and make sure to let the visitor understand the value you’ll add to them.

If a potential customer visits your site and can’t immediately tell what you are about, you will just as quickly lose their business. Make certain you grab their attention right away. Be clear, concise and up-front about your product or service. Your clients have a short attention span and need to be able to quickly understand what you are about.


2. Visitors Analytics

Analytics in simple words, is keeping track of your visitors.

Incorporating analytics into your website is crucial for understanding how the world perceives your business. It allows you to track your visitors and understand how to keep them coming back, in the sense of gathering information on which parts of the website they are interacting with and which aren’t being utilized. which tells you more about what needs to be changed and what needs to be added and sometimes even, what needs to be removed.

Being able to measure your sales and conversion rates is essential to the strategies you make and having analytics available allows you to actively and continuously measure those. Analyzing the data from your website is a powerful tool which allows you to continuously improve the online experience for your customers in terms of design, user experience, and website structure.

Convinced? probably wondering about how much would this cost, well the good news is it’s free!

One of the greatest analytics tools out there is google’s own analytics software, which includes premium and free programs.

Get to know your audience and learn how to grow your business through your website.

Also check Google’s Tag Manager


3. Gather followers

Having subscribers to your website is an essential way to actively engage your returning clients through email marketing campaigns. It is a quick and efficient way to increase traffic to your site and promote inbound marketing. When a customer subscribes to your website they are letting you know they are interested in your product or service, you should also assign different subscribers to different lists. This creates a simple way for your business to market to a targeted audience. You already know they are interested, so your open rates on email marketing campaigns rise quickly, which increases overall traffic to your website.

Using tools such as mailchimp, helps you manage your lists seamlessly and efficiently. Gather analytics about your open and click rates


4. Harness the power of Social Media

There’s no doubt that social media is a powerful marketing tool. Having social media share buttons in an obvious place on your website allows customers to share your company with their friends, family or coworkers. Social media marketing is incredibly powerful for your business because people are more likely to interact with a company recommended by someone they know personally. If your social media share buttons are difficult to find, or if you have not added them to your site, you are missing out on a very effective and powerful marketing tool.


5. Caching your website

In order to optimize your site for search engines, it is important to cache your site to improve the load time of your web pages. Sites that are slow significantly impact user experience and may lose you business if they load too slowly. A half a second will make the difference when it comes to your site’s ranking and needs to be considered as part of your overall SEO strategy.


6. You need a blog

Strong SEO is imperative for running a successful website for your business and choosing the right blogging platform can give your site a huge boost. WordPress is perhaps the most powerful when it comes to SEO. It allows you complete control, the ability to host your own files and add SEO plugins which will further assist you. You will be able to manage your own blog and create a very SEO friendly site.

There are many other blogging platforms to choose from, such as blogger, Squarespace or even Tumblr. Make certain you understand each platform before you choose one in order to find the best fit and strongest SEO for your site.


7. Strong content

No matter what product or service your company is selling, having strong, compelling content is crucial. It increases search engine rankings and is what ultimately attracts visitors and leads them through the sales funnel.

Concise content that informs your customers is also invaluable. They are often looking for quick information that stays on topic and is easy to find. This creates value and loyalty for the consumer and is what will keep them coming back.

If you feel your website is not reaching its full potential and would like more information on ways to empower your site, please contact us today.

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