Guest Posting Guidelines

We accept guest posts, here are our guidelines for guest posting

Creiden is a services and solutions company that caters for large scale companies, so we accept guest posts in the following topics: web design, web development, business analysis, effective marketing, SEO, ASO, Google analytics, retailing, e-commerce, Mobile App development, and any topic that correlates with those topics.

Your article needs to meet these conditions otherwise it will not be published:

The author will get a bio with

One link to his/her company or the
company they work at

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts of their own
or the company they work at

There is no financial reward for submitting guest posts

The publishing details

If you followed the guidelines

If your article was declined

We will reach you with why it was declined and how you can improve it.

How to submit your guest post?

Email us your article at: info@creiden.com in a Google document format.

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