Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Post Guidelines

We accept guest posts, but not all! Here are our guidelines, please follow them to save your precious time and ours. 

Creiden is a services and solutions company that caters for large scale companies, so we accept guest posts  in the following topics: Web Design, Web Development, Business Analysis, Effective Marketing, SEO, ASO, Google Analytics, Retailing, E-commerce, Mobile App Development, and any topic that correlates with those topics. 

Your article needs to meet these conditions otherwise it will not be published: 

  • 100% original, no plagiarizing is accepted.
  • Never been posted anywhere before.
  • Not less than 500 words
  • Well edited, grammatically correct, no spelling mistakes, proofread. (We suggest that you use Grammarly to make sure your article is thoroughly edited. 
  • All the outbound links in your article must be of quality and support the article’s core point 
  • No affiliate links or any links for sales, services, and products pages 
  • The article should be well formatted using H2, H3 styles. 
  • The article should be backed up by statistics or expert insights on the topic. 
  • All the statistics, expert insights, images must have a source linked in the article itself or the resources section 

The author (You) will get a bio with: 

  • One link to his/her company the work at
  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts of their own or the company they work at 
  • There is no financial reward for submitting guest posts, your article will be 

The publishing details:

If you followed the guidelines and submitted your articles, once they are accepted you’ll have to pay a small publishing fee of $30 And we will contact you to inform you of the time we will publish it -which normally wouldn’t take more than 5 working days- so that you can be active in the comments section and advertise it on your social media accounts 

Feel free to republish your article on your website after 1 month of publishing 

If your Guest Post was declined: 

An email will reach you with why it was declined and how you can improve it. 

How to submit your guest post?

Email us your article in a Google doc format at: Info@creiden.com along with your bio, one link to his/her company they work at, and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn handles.


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